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The Greek breakfast is homemade and most products are organic. The day starts with bread, cakes, biscuits, fresh orange juice and fruits. There is yoghurt, butter, homemade jams from the hotels homegrown fruits, honey and tahini (sesame spread). Pies include cheese pies, spinach pies, pies with fennel, striftaria (twisted) pies with cheese, zucchini pies, chicken pies, various homemade pizzas.

Free range or organic eggs are served, cooked to order, or based on traditional recipes (sfouggato zucchini omelet or eggs with tomatoes), paired with cold cuts or meat balls. Soups may feature zucchini soup, tomato soup with trahana or soup with greens. The salad selection may include potato salad with vegetables, Greek salad, or potato salad with trout.

Hot specialties feature tomato balls, zucchini balls or wild greens balls with village style sausage, traditional fava with sauted onions, stuffed Santorini cherry tomatoes and stuffed zucchini flowers. Another specialty is the baked manouri cheese with honey and sesame. Various desserts are served, including traditional handmade spoon sweets, paired with mountain tea and Greek coffee.

Breakfast Hours: 08:00 - 11:00

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